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View More Press Releases


Hotel News Now: Low gas prices, inbound travel fuel promising US summer

Joseph Khairallah talks with Hotel News Now about Marcus Hotels & Resorts’ positive summer outlook.



Top 10 Midwest golf destinations
By: Mike Bailey
With spring temperatures warming up, it’s time to officially point your golfing compass to the north. The best golf destinations in America’s Midwest feature a pleasant variety of itineraries. Golf groups can… Read More


Conde Nast Traveler Names Mason Street Grill Burgers as one of the Best in America

Conde Nast Traveler named Mason Street Grill’s burgers as one of the Best Burgers in America.


Premier Bride: 5 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Stress Free

Marisa Cadorin, event manager at the InterContinental Milwaukee wrote a blog on 5 Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Stress Free for Premier Bride Magazine.


Andrea Foster Featured in Global Hotel Network Brand Talk

Andrea Foster talks with Global Hotel Network Brand Talk about the mission, goals and growth of Marcus Hotels & Resorts: View full article here


Midwest Meetings: Small Group Meetings in a Big City

Chris Zarek, GM of the AC Hotel Chicago Downtown, shares with Midwest Meetings the benefits of holding your event in an urban, downtown hotel. Click here to view the full article


Atlanta City Biz List: Westin Atlanta Perimeter North Receives Marcus Hotels & Resorts’ President Award

Hotel honored with the highest award for exceptional performance at Marcus Hotels & Resorts annual leadership conference. To view the full article, click here.


OnMilwaukee.com: CLEAR Brings Ramen Downtown

There’s a bit of a ramen revolution going on in Milwaukee. And this week, CLEAR Bar & Lounge, located in the InterContinental Milwaukee Hotel, has joined the fray. To view the full article, click here


Ramen Revolution in CLEAR at the InterContinental Milwaukee Starts This Week

Starting this week, CLEAR in the InterContinental Milwaukee hotel, is starting a Ramen revolution and will be serving Ramen as a regular offering in addition to its current menu Monday – Friday from 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Currently, diners can enjoy: STEAMED DUMPLING OF THE DAY – $5 Served with Black Garlic Ponzu, Scallion […]



There Are Plenty Of Beer And Wine Festivals To Go Around In April
By: Breann Schossow
In a state where there’s plenty of great beer and wine, it’s only to be expected that festivals featuring the beverages abound. Travel writer… Read More


Hotel Business – The Human Touch

Poised for growth, Marcus Hotels & Resorts recognizes that people are the most important asset. Entrepreneurial. Conservative. Caring. Fun. Profitable. Those are the five words that Greg Marcus, president & CEO, The Marcus Corporation, used to describe his company, which encompasses both Marcus Theatres and Marcus Ho­tels & Resorts. Founded in 1935 with the purchase […]



Big Event Blog: Garden-ready programs
By: CSI Media Staff
With spring on the calendar, if not in the air, gardeners are ready to get their hands in the dirt and start planting. This weekend, browse the open gardens at a… Read More

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